Ah…. Middle eastern food. They introduced us to Humus, Couscous, Naan Bread and Kabab. There’s something about middle eastern food that’s just so comforting. Ever been to a middle eastern restaurant? Almost has us feeling like we’re in Aladdin or Arabian Nights. Whether it’s Lebanese, Moroccan, Afghan, Armenian, Turkish or Persian, middle eastern food always tastes amazing. Montreal, being the mixed city with cultures from around the world as it is, has an amazing choice for those who crave middle eastern food. We’ve done our research and have narrowed down the best restaurants that the city has to offer no matter what country of the middle east you’re craving! Make sure to write down these names because we promise you, they will come in handy!


Kibbeh, tabbouleh, hummus, rice pilaf, fattoush and so much more! Lebanese food is known for their spices and the ground lamb meat they use along with their nuts and rice as a side dish. The equivalent of comfort food in the middle east, there’s just something about Lebanese food that makes you feel right at home!

  1. Garage Beirut: 1238 rue Mackay
  2. Omnivore: 4351 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
  3. Mirage: 1262 Rue Mackay
  4. Aux Lilas: 5570 Avenue du Parc
  5. Daou: 2373 Boulevard Marcel-Laurin


Morocco, the country that introduced us to couscous. When it comes to authentic Moroccan food, it’s all about the incorporation of meat with vegetables. Known for satisfying most taste buds, their food is a mixture of gourmet and homemade traditions.

  1. La Khaïma: 142 Avenue Fairmount West
  2. Au Coin Berbère: 73 Avenue Duluth East
  3. Salon Mogador : 310 Rue Beaubien East
  4. Kahwa Café : 331 Avenue du Mont-Royal East
  5. Le Palais de Marrakech : 256 Rue Saint-Paul East


Lamb chops, tandoori chicken, Kabuli, and mantu are among the most popular afghan dishes. Known for their spices and using lamb as their main meat, Afghan cuisine is definitely not like any other middle eastern countries. Inspired by their neighboring countries and their own country’s resources, they’ve used it to inspire them in their traditional meals.

  1. Khyber Pass Restaurant: 506 Avenue Duluth East
  2. Fenêtre Sur Kaboul : 901 Rue Rachel East
  3. Makkah Restaurant: 360 Jean-Talon St East
  4. La Maison Afghane du Kebab: 1580 Chemin de Chambly, Longueuil
  5. L’Afghan Grillade: 9422 Boulevard de l’Acadie


Lamb, eggplant, and bread are the traditional ingredients in Armenian cuisine. Popular for their pizza that is filled with spices that awaken your taste buds, Armenian food is definitely popular in Montreal.

  1. Le Petit Alep Bistro: 191 Jean-Talon East
  2. Lahmadjoune Chez Apo: 420 Rue Fallon East
  3. Au Vieux Masis: 784 Boul. Curé-Labelle, Laval
  4. Restaurant Rouby : 3268 Boulevard Saint-Martin West, Laval
  5. Noah : 2146 Rue Lucien-Thimens


Although popular for their Turkish coffee and off course their delicacy, Baklava, there is so much more to Turkish cuisine! Their main ingredients often revolve around lamb, eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, garlic, rice, lentils, green peppers and beans. Mix that all up and you’ve got yourself a traditional Turkish dish. Off course there’s more to it then that.

  1. Antep Kebab: 1626 Boul. Maisonneuve West
  2. Avesta : 2077 Saint-Catherine Street
  3. T.G.V. Istanbul: 4440a St-Denis
  4. Le Petit Istanbul: 6495 Rue Beaubien East
  5. Restaurant Su : 5145 Wellington Street


The best for last! Persian food is all about kebab! With their different meats and ways of cooking them, they have created themselves quite a reputation of being the experts in kebab. Usually served with a side dish of rice, their cuisine is very popular. Additionally, they are also known for their use of Saffron in cooking (the most expensive spice in the world). Filled with mouth-watering flavor, Persian food is addicting for many.

  1. Tehran: 5065 Boul. Maisonneuve West
  2. Quartier Perse: 4241 Boul. Décarie
  3. Khorasan Kabab: 5700 Rue Sherbrooke West
  4. La Maison de Kebab: 820 Ave. Atwater
  5. Byblos – Le Petit Café: 1499 Ave. Laurier East