Montreal is one of the most cultural cities in the country. Filled with so many people from different backgrounds and origins, you can find a little piece from all over the world pretty much anywhere in the city. It also comes to no surprise that with our cultural diverse city, Montreal has some of the best restaurants. No matter what you’re craving, you’re sure to find it here! And one thing that Montreal does have a lot of is Indian cuisine! I gotta say, us Montrealers love our samosas and butter chicken! So if you’re looking for authentic Indian cuisine, Montreal is definitely the place to be. We’ve narrowed down the best Indian restaurants in the city for you. These hidden gems that not everyone knows about are sure to hit the spot to satisfy your cravings!


Atma gets 5 stars all around! Definitely a popular choice that not a lot of people know about, Atma offers the best Indian cuisine in the city! Amazing food, great atmosphere, top quality service, you’re sure not to get dissapointed when it comes to Indian Cuisine. Their most popular dish is none other then the famous Butter Chicken. Atma is by far one of the best Indian restaurants in the city, so if you’re craving top quality authentic Indian cuisine, definitely add this one to your list!


Address: 3962 Boul. St-Laurent, Montreal

Le Taj

Le Taj is a Montreal must if you’re a fan of Indian food. They not only offer authentic good Indian food, but the staff is amazing and will make you feel right at home. They also make their own naan bread which is a huge win in my book. Le Taj has created quite a reputation as being one of Montreal’s top Indian restaurant.


Address: 2077 Stanley Street, Montreal

Resto Darbar

Although the place is pretty small, the food does not disappoint. They have one of the best butter chicken’s in the area and their naan bread will melt in your mouth. The restaurant has a very family vibe to it, so you will definitely feel right at home. On top of having a friendly staff, their authentic Indian cooking will have you making this place a regular spot!


Address: 2027 St-Laurent, Montreal


Gandhi is located in the heart of Old Montreal. Their authentic Indian food and friendly staff has created them a strong reputation. The dish that everyone is talking about? The tandoori chicken! It’s definitely one of their most popular dishes that has people coming back for more! Something interesting that Gandhi offers is Indian Beer. So, if you ever wanted to taste Indian Beer, now’s your chance!


Address: 230 Saint-Paul St. West, Montreal

Bombay Mahal

Bombay Mahal is Montreal’s hidden gem. Not a lot of people know about and it’s better that way so it can stay hidden and authentic. Their food is definitely top quality authentic Indian food. Everything from start to finish is amazing. Their wide-range of menu will give you all of India’s finest dishes. The butter chicken is one of their most popular dishes and does not disappoint. Authentic quality food with friendly staff, this place will have you coming back for more!


Address: 1001 Jean-Talon Street, Montreal