I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream! Honestly who doesn’t scream for Ice Cream? In my opinion, Ice Cream is the food of the Gods. Yes it’s that good! And with the heat that’s slowly coming upon us, what better way to refresh and cool down then by having a great scoop of Ice Cream? Whether it’s sorbet, gelato, your classic Ice Cream cones or what we call in Quebec “Crème Glacée Molle”, we all have our favorites. So when Summer comes rolling down, you can bet that all our favorite Ice Cream shops open their doors wide and expect to draw a huge crowd!

Montreal does offer some amazing spots when it comes to Ice Cream. And no we’re not talking about Dairy Queen (although their Blizzards are amazing!). These are non-chain spots that often make their Ice Cream in house. So take down these names because you will definitely be heading there by the time you finish reading this article!

Gastronomia Roberto

Authentic Italian Ice Cream. Made in house by only the best quality ingredients, one bite of their gelato and you will feel transported to Italy.

Address: 2227 Belanger East, Montreal

Hoché Glacé

The first ever vegan Ice Cream shop in Montreal. Now I know what you’re thinking. Vegan Ice Cream? Is that even any good? Well actually yes! Now some places don’t do it as good, but Hoché Glacé has totally nailed it! Honestly, you won’t even know it’s vegan!

Address: 2225 Ave. Bennett, Montreal

L’Armoire à Glaces

Unlimited choices that will have you deciding for over 15 minutes on which flavor to get! With their artisanal ice cream selection and frozen desserts, you’ll have trouble choosing what you want. This is probably one of the only places where you can get anything on the menu and you’re guaranteed it will taste A-MA-ZING!

Address: 6220 St-Hubert, Montreal


From soft-serve to frozen yogurt to sorbet and classical Ice Cream, Bo-Bec offers a huge variety of options. Each flavor is more amazing then the other one. Located near Laurier Parc, this spot tends to draw a crowd and line-ups are known to be long. But totally worth it!

Address: 1300 Laurier East, Montreal

Monsieur Crémeux

What originally started as an Ice Cream Truck has now found a permanent location near Little Italy. Ice Cream sandwiches to cones, slush and so much more, you will find something you love that’s a guarantee!

Address: 43 Beaubien East, Montreal

Meu Meu

Located in le Plateau, this Ice Cream shop makes their frozen custard from a crème anglaise base. Mix that up with flavors such as Chinese ginger, Madagascar Vanilla or cardomom and you’re sure to have a fabulous Ice Cream. Everything is made in house and their exotic flavors are out of this world.

Address: 4458 St-Denis, Montreal

Kem Coba

Line ups are insane during the summer time in front of this Ice Cream shop! All their flavors are unique and you’ll find it hard to find a place that offers their exotic taste. It’s no wonder they draw such a huge crowd during the summer time.

Address: 60 Fairmount West, Montreal


This dairy-free soft serve made with coconut milk base is revolutionizing the whole Ice Cream industry. Asian inspired, all their flavors are as unique as their Ice Cream. Make sure to add this location in your list of places to visit this summer.

Address: 230 Rachel St. East, Montrea