Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is just as excited as you are! But one of my favorite things about the holidays is the seasonable drinks you can find at coffee shops! Ever heard of Christmas in a cup? Well, these places have and they serve it! So if you’re a fan of Holiday Drinks and all things Christmas, then you definitely want to take down the name of these awesome places that are serving Christmas in a cup!



Starbucks is the KING when it comes to holiday drinks! I mean their Pumpkin Spice Latte? Hello! But seriously, they do Christmas well. Their holiday drinks are endless that you’ll be going there everyday for the month of December to try a different kind. Although the list is endless (and I do mean endless!), here’s some of our top choices:

  1. Pumpkin Spice Latte
  2. Peppermint Mocha
  3. Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha
  4. Juniper Latte
  5. Caramel Brûlé Latte
  6. Chestnut Praline Latte
  7. Gingerbread Latte
  8. Eggnog Latte
  9. Cinnamon Dolce Latte
  10. Salted Caramel Mocha

***Note that all the drinks listed above are also available Iced

Second Cup

Second Cup has been doing very well for itself lately. With their new drinks menu and opening more stores in Montreal, they really have been in the competition mode with other coffee shops likes Timmy’s and Starbucks. Their holiday drink menu is no different. Bringing great drinks and new flavors, they have really stepped up a notch compared to just a few years ago. Here’s a sneak peek of their holiday drinks that are sure to be a hit this year!

  1. Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate
  2. Gingersnap Latte
  3. Tuxedo Mint FroCho
  4. Eggnog Latte
  5. Peppermint Moccaccino
  6. Salted Butterscotch White Hot Chocolate
  7. Salted Butterscotch White Mocca

Tim Hortons

Our list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include Canada’s Favorite coffee place: Timmy’s! It’s no secret that us Canadians absolutely love Tim Hortons! What’s not to love from our treasured place? Other then having the best coffee in house, Tim’s never fails us when it comes to their seasonable drinks. Christmas is no different!

  1. Candy Cane Hot Chocolate
  2. Candy Cane White Chocolate
  3. Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

Café Van Houtte

Even the more classic coffee shop can’t get away from Christmas! I mean who can resist the Christmas spirit and flavors? Although Van Houtte is a more traditional coffee shop including more classic drinks, they have given in to the trend of introducing holiday drinks during the season. And I have to say, they’ve done pretty well!

  1. Peppermint Espresso Mocha
  2. Gingerbread Latte
  3. Peppermint Hot Chocolate
  4. Gingerbread Golden Chai Latte
  5. Gingerbread Matcha Latte