There’s something about snow that just makes it so romantic. While most people tend to stay indoors during winter because of the weather and the limited activities, there’s actually a lot of activities you can do during the winter in Montreal. And some pretty romantic also. Winter doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s time to Netflix & Chill. While the idea of staying at home in the warm is very tempting, there are great things to do outside. If you’re in a relationship or just started dating someone and you’re racking your brain about finding things you can do, well look no further! Here’s a list of fun-filled date ideas for you to do during the winter time. Something other then you’re standard Netflix & Chill.

Take a carriage stroll in old montreal

What’s more romantic than taking a romantic carriage stroll in Old Montreal? Snuggle up under the blankets and sip on hot chocolate while you enjoy the gorgeous views. When you’re done, check out some cute coffee shops and boutiques. Old Montreal has some great original finds that you won’t find anywhere else. So why not make a day of it? Who needs Disney when you’re living your own Fairy Tale?


go ice skating in the old port

Perfect excuse to hold hands if you’re not an expert skater. You can even rent a pair of skates on site if you don’t have your own. So put on your skates and enjoy the view. The romantic setting with the gorgeous view of the city is enough to charm anyone. It will have you feeling like you’re the only two people in the world. When you’re done, grab some hot chocolate from the coffee shop next to the skating rink. A perfect way to spend an evening enjoying the gorgeous views of the city.

Take a walk up the mont-royal

Put on your boots and dress warmly! If you’re more the adventure type, then why not take a walk (or a hike) up the Mont-Royal? We promise you, the view from the top of the Mountain will be well worth the trip. And when you reach the top, you can be rewarded with a warm cup of coffee from their coffee shop.


Check out Montreal’s outdoor zoo

Why not go and see the animals in their natural habitat during the winter at Montreal’s outdoor zoo? The Ecomuseum offers you the possibility of seeing the animals in their natural habitat. You can see how they live during the winter and in some cases even interact with them. You might even see Santa’s reindeers if you’re lucky! We promise you’ll love every minute of it!


What’s more romantic then wrapping your arms around your date and being close to them? You’re guaranteed to get up close and personal by sledding! A fun filled activity that will have you feeling like a kid again! Not only will you be having a blast, but you’ll also get to cozy up with one another as you’re sledding down the hill. And the best part is that you can do this anywhere! With the snow that we’ve been having lately and are bound to keep getting, you’re sure to find a snow mountain you can sled down from.