With the holidays approaching, people are already planning what they will be doing. Where to celebrate Christmas, what to do, where to go, what to wear? It’s the only time of year where you can gather everyone around and spend some time without the worry of going back to work. A lot of people have time off during the holidays from work with most companies being closed during the holidays. So why not take advantage a rent a cottage where you can spend the holidays? Whether it’s for Christmas or New Years, renting a cottage with family and friends can be a great experience. Having everyone under one roof and not worrying about driving back home so you can celebrate as late as you want is very tempting.

If we’ve managed to convince you to spend the holidays in a cottage, then make sure to check out the list below! You’re sure to find a great cottage where you can spend some quality time with your friends and family!

Where to go?

The choices are unlimited! It all depends on how long you want to drive and how far you want to go. But here are some popular choices to help inspire you:

  • Quebec City
  • Bromont
  • Saint-Sauveur
  • Magog
  • Mont-Tremblant

Where to book?

These websites offer great options and deals. But be sure to book soon as they are quite popular so they tend to go fast!

So check out these websites, book your stay and pack a bag! You’ll be thanking us when you wake up on Christmas Morning to a view of snow-covered mountains.