Montrealers love their coffee! It’s rare you’ll find someone on the street in downtown Montreal who doesn’t have a cup of coffee in their hand. What can we say? We’re coffee-obsessed. So, it comes to no surprise that there’s a lot of coffee shop at almost every street corner in almost every part of the city. Now probably more then any time of the year is the best time to find a great spot of coffee. Why? Because it’s just cold enough to enjoy a nice cup of warm coffee and it’s warm enough that we’re still able to go outside without spending 10 minutes covering ourselves up in our winter gear. No matter what your coffee preference is, there’s sure to be a coffee shop that will get you well caffeinated. So here are the best Montreal Coffee spots that you need to check out right now to enjoy a great decaf.

Café Leaves

Address: 2051 Rue de la Montagne, Montreal

Instagram: @cafeleaves


Café Humble Lion

Address: 904 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal

Instagram: @cafehumblelion



Crew collective & cafe

Address: 360 Saint-Jacques Street, Montreal

Instagram: @crewcollectivecafe



LA Finca

Address: 1067 Bleury Street, Montreal

Instagram: @lafincamtl



Flyjin café

Address: 417 St-Pierre Street, Montreal

Instagram: @flyjincafe



Lili & Oli

Address: 2713 Notre-Dame, Montreal

Instagram: @liliandoli



café september surf

Address: 2471 Notre-Dame West, Montreal

Instagram: #cafeseptembersurf


station w

Address: 3852 Wellington Street, Montreal

Instagram: @stationw



Address: 4634 Notre-Dame Street West, Montreal

Instagram: @campanellicafe



Café de’ mercanti

Address: 6128 Monkland Avenue, Montreal

Instagram: @cafedemercanti



Melk bar à café

Address: 5612 Monkland Avenue, Montreal

Instagram: @melkbaracafe


pikolo espresso bar

Address: 3418B Ave. du Parc, Montreal

Instagram: @pikoloespreessobar


espresso bison

Address: 2267 Rue Ontario Est, Montreal

Instagram: @espressobison


Caffè in Gamba

Address: 5263 Ave. Du Parc, Montreal

Instagram: @caffeingamba



café 8 oz

Address: 5851 Saint0Hubert Street, Montreal

Instagram: @cefe8oz