There’s something about Caribbean food that makes you feel like you’re on vacation. With all the exotic flavors and colorful dishes, you’ll almost feel like you’re enjoying a meal near the ocean. With the cold weather outside and the never ending snow, we’re all looking for a sunny escape! So why not try one of these amazing Caribbean restaurants that will have you feeling like you’re on a tropical island? Here are Montreal’s best Caribbean Restaurants!

Boom J’s Cuisine

This laid back, low-key Jamaican restaurant will have you hooked! Their flavorful dishes and amazing cuisine will have you thinking you’re on a beach in Jamaica!

Address: 2026 Wellington St., Montreal


Tropical Paradise

The name says it all! This place is definitely a Tropical Paradise! Colourful and amazing food, friendly staff, tropical décor, what more can you ask for? A definite must if you want a bit of sunshine in your day!

Address: 5208 Decarie Blvd, Montreal

Cuisine Caraibe Delite

Another amazing place when it comes to satisfying your Caribbean cravings! These cozy little place on Park Avenue is not known by a lot of people, but it’s definitely a success when it comes to their food! It’s worth checking out if you’re looking for a low-key cozy restaurant.

Address: 4816 Parc Avenue, Montreal

Caribbean Curry House

Brings the best of Jamaica! This place is known for its authentic flavors and brings the food of the islands here! They do use lots of spice in their dishes so make sure that you’re able to handle your spices!

Address: 6982 Victoria Avenue, Montreal


Small and cozy, but definitely hits the mark when it comes to authentic Caribbean food. With music from the islands in the background and delicious food, you’ll definitely feel like you’re on a vacation!

Address: 1844 Amherst Street, Montreal