Winter is officially behind us and Spring has started. With it, the snow is slowly melting and the sun is coming out calling for warm weather. You know what that means my friends. It means that restaurants will shortly start opening their terraces and BBQ season is just around the corner! Montrealers love their burgers almost as much as their poutine. And the best part is that we have some of the best Burger spots to prove it. These places will have you drooling so make sure to take down their names because you’re sure to want to try them out!

Burger Bar

What’s better then a nice juicy burger? A poutine burger! You heard me. This restaurant has combined Montreal 2 favorite meals and combined them into one: Poutine Burger. While it might seem like a recipe for a heart attack, it’s actually quite popular. So much so that the place tends to get really packed for their famous burger. Don’t dis it till you try it! And we promise, you will love it!

Address: 1465 Rue Crescent, Montreal



This famous dinner bar with a modern twist is known for its burgers and shakes! Located in the heart of downtown, the dinner tends to attract quite the crowd. Popular for their huge selection of burgers and amazing milk shakes, you definitely want to add this one to your list!

Address: 1425 Stanley St., Montreal



Located in Mile End, this pub is famous for their burgers that are with their in-house ground meat. Made with top quality meat and cooked to perfection, these burgers will have you coming back for more!

Address: 5322 Boul. St-Laurent, Montreal



Another famous spot that is known for making their in-house ground meat, le Hachoir has burgers that are like none you’ve tasted before. This place makes it their mission to promote Quebec products to encourage local suppliers. With ingredients like elk meat and wild mushrooms, their burgers are true Quebecois.

Address: 4177 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal


Patati Patata

This spot is Montreal’s most popular greasy dive. Open until the early hours of the morning, it’s perfect if you’re craving a burger after a night out of dancing. Their burgers are just the right amount of tender and juicy leaning towards the greasy side. One time isn’t enough though. You will definitely become regulars after your first visit!

Address: 4177 Boul St-Laurent, Montreal