The best part of Winter in Montreal is Winter in Old Montreal. The streets decorated with Christmas lights and snow covering the ground, there’s something really magical about winter in Old Montreal. And don’t forget that the Basilica of Notre-Dame is completely breathtaking. Just the outside lights and the old church covered in snow is enough to take your breath away. So while you’re strolling the streets of Old Montreal and enjoying the holiday spirit, why not make a stop at the Notre-Dame Basilica and get transported by their luminous light show? We promise you will love it!

Aura: The Experience

Aura is a luminous light show that the Basilica has put in place to make everyone feel the intensity and magic on the building. The experience is in two parts. The first part is about 20 minutes and it’s basically a tour of the Basilica where you can discover several multimedia installations that highlight the artwork of the building. This part is designed to make you slow down and enjoy the moment. You can take this time to really connect with the building and feel the magic of the space.

The second part takes place in the center of the Basilica where you can enjoy a luminous experience. It’s about 20 minutes and it’s an immersive experience where the Basilica will be surrounded by a light show that will take your breath away. Accompanied by a soundtrack that will have you feeling like you’re in another dimension, you will forget everything and just be lost in the moment.

Schedule and Pricing

Aura Basilica takes place every day of the week (yes all 7 days!) during the evening. The first show starts at 6h pm and the last one is at 9h30 pm depending on the day. So don’t worry about not being able to attend, because they have several shows.

Pricing for standard adults is 24.50$ (26.50 starting 2019). Obviously, they have different pricing for students, kids, seniors, and families.

For more information about Aura, make sure to check out their website @