Ateliers & Saveurs is extremely up and coming to Montreal. Their concept is basically that they teach you about wine, how to make cocktails and cooking tips. It’s a really fun activity if you’re going with a big group of people. I recently went for a work event and we were just over 35 people. I would say that’s the perfect number because you’re pretty much guaranteed to have the whole place to yourself. They split the group in three and you rotate throughout the evening so everyone does a little bit of everything. The staff is really friendly and super helpful! If you’re going with a big group, it’s a great way to spend an evening because you’re guaranteed to be spending at least 3 hours there.

Wine & Cheese Tasting

If you love wine and cheese, then you will definitely love this part of the night. Basically, you’re served two types of wine, white and red. Each comes with cheese and bread. In this part, they explain to you how to identify wine with your senses. First with the color, then by smell and then by taste. It’s really great because even though you’re not a wine lover (I’m personally not, but still had fun none the less), you can still enjoy the experience by learning how to identify the wine. Also, they explain to how cheese can help with the taste of wine, making it bitter or better.

Mixology: Making Cocktails

Probably my favorite part of the evening because who doesn’t love cocktails! The bartender was amazing and he really knows his stuff. He teaches you about different types of alcohol and what makes a great cocktail all the while helping you make one of your own. And let me tell you, if you listen well and get your measurements right, the cocktail comes out A-MA-ZING! And to finish off, he shows you how to fill out the perfect shot glasses and off course you take a shot!

Meal Prep: Cooking Food

Obviously, their most popular section is the cooking class because everyone loves a good cooking lesson. The Chef is great because he makes jokes and really lightens up the mood. You learn all about the different ingredients and what goes with what and how to cook it perfectly. If you’re the last group to do the cooking class (like I was), then you will learn all about presentation.

Ateliers & Saveurs is great if you’re looking for a unique activity where you can learn about wine, cocktails, and food. Their staff is amazing and friendly. Whether you’re a small group or a big group, it’s great to do it at least once. It definitely brings out teamwork and guarantees a fun night.