It’s no secret that Montreal loves thrift stores! It’s definitely a common trend and most popular for Montrealers. There are soo many hidden gems you can find in a thrift store, it’s like a treasure hunt! Whether it’s by yourself or with friends, the perks of thrift store shopping are endless! 


Looking for that Japanese room divider to complete the look in your apartment? Thrift it.

Hoping to find an antique picture frame that will fit your mother’s painting? Thrift it.

Need an eclectic weed box? (I can say that now, right?) THRIFT IT.

affordable pricing

(Face it, sometimes it’s the only thing we CAN afford)

Fur coat (fake or real, depending on your ethical bounds)? Thrift it.. $25

High-waisted mom jeans that retail at $120? Thrift it.. $15

A tapestry that isn’t $85 at Urban Outfitters? THRI… okay, I’ll stop. $10

Recycling and supporting a business that gives back to the community

(It doesn’t get more Canadian than that, eh?)

But what are the places to hit? What can you expect when you arrive? Here are six of the best spots to go thrift shopping in Montreal!

Value Village 

This thrift superstore will not disappoint when it comes to the number of goodies they have inside! From kitchenware to clothing, to sports and electronics, this places covers it all. With a large selection of great finds and fair prices, what more could you ask for?

Address: Multiple locations

Salvation Army

With a layout quite similar to Value Village, the Salvation Army offers a wide range of clothing, furniture, art/décor, and sports equipment. Oh, and the books are FREE! (You heard me!)

Address: Multiple locations


Eva B

This second-hand clothing shop is well known amongst the locals of Montreal for it’s unique, three-story layout as well as their incredible selection of vintage items. Don’t be fooled by the outside! Take a peek inside! You won’t regret it. My favorite part of Eva B is the atmosphere you feel when you’re inside. It’s one of those places you can make a day trip out of it. Grab a bite at their café, get lost in their library, or sit in the den on the second floor to watch TV. Might I add that in the summer, there’s an open terrace to hang-out on as well? It’s safe to say that Eva B definitely holds the “hidden gem” award for thrifty spots in Montreal!


Address: 2015 St-Laurent Blvd, Montreal

Army Surplus

Have you ever seen someone walking around the city in trendy combat boots or camouflage pants and it looks like the real deal? They probably got it at Army Surplus. With many locations on St-Laurent, they’re absolutely the place to check out if you like simple clothing of high quality.

Address: Multiple locations

Shwap Club

This organization has done a fantastic job of running a business right out of the Chateau St-Ambroise! The entry ticket is 12$ (or you can check online for a better package deal)  and it’s basically an exchange. So the number of clothes or items you bring (they have to approve it first), you get to take the same amount of new items home with you. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

Address: 4000 rue Saint-Ambroise, local 471


A favorite when it comes to home needs. It’s completely run by volunteers and donations, so the staff is always really helpful and nice! They have an impressive selection of furniture in pretty decent quality and of course priced reasonably. The concept behind ReStore is to be able to improve your home while giving back to the community. Most of the store includes renovation items such as plumbing tools, tiles, and light fixtures. However, you can snag a great deal on a desk or couch!


Address: 4399 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal