Like every other human being on Earth, there are three things we can’t do without. Food, sleep, and coffee. That might not be entirely accurate, but who cares, we all love coffee. Remembering your first cup is like riding your first bicycle or your first kiss.

Here are some of the reasons why we can’t resist that daily cup o’ Joe.

1. The Aroma

That unmistakable smell that fills the kitchen or the office in the morning is why even persons who don’t even drink coffee can agree it’s a one of a kind beverage. Not many people can differentiate between notes and such, but whoever you are, you know that smell. Some love it so much that they use it purely as the fragrance—brewed or not.

Some research has shown that the smell of coffee can even improve your mood and help with depression, fascinating. Isn’t it great when science validates your addiction?

2. The Taste

It’s a common mistake that all coffee tastes bitter. But it depends on the quality and the type. Flavors are different between instant, drip, and espresso. At any time depending on your flavor profile you could go for any of three. The main opinion is that for the best quality go espresso. But then again, that depends on your taste.

It’s not surprising that many even like the bitter taste it gives off. Something about acid in the stomach hits home for most. And no, you don’t always need milk.

3. For Energy—Obviously

Who drinks decaf—apart from the crazies? Okay, it’s fine if you do so for health reasons, but tea’s a better alternative if you’re so in tune with your health. The jolt of energy you get from that magical cup is enough motivation to milk that machine for every drip.

I Scream for Coffee-Scream?

We all can agree coffee is great. It keeps us on our toes, helps with fatigue, and gives us a chance to get that date with the person you’ve been stalking for weeks. Let’s all raise our cups to this wonderful drink that raises blood pressure. Cheers!