Hybrid buses are taking over Montreal. To reduce pollution and help the environment, Montreal has been turning towards Hybrid buses for well over 3 years now. However, it looks like there’s been a few issues and most hybrid buses are being called back to the manufacturer. A total of 600 buses in Quebec were called back towards the manufacturer.

Major Recall

The Nova buses which are from St-Eustache requested to have their hybrid buses inspected due to a potential fault in their steering system. It appears that this affected all buses that were delivered after 2016. Over 600 buses in Quebec have been affected by this issue. However, only 293 books were from Montreal. Out of the 285 buses that were delivered since 2016, 125 were inspected. The inspection started on Thursday night and lasted all throughout Friday morning.

The results? 8 were cleared to go back on the roads. So if we add those 8 hybrid buses in addition to the 8 that were delivered prior to 2016, this makes a total of 16 buses. 16 hybrid buses to be able to go on the road on a Friday morning. Although the STM has not officially stated how many buses were missing on the roads on Friday morning, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the impact was huge. Especially during the morning rush hour.

Struggling to meet deadlines

It would appear that the manufacturer recall is not something new. In fact, the STM has been struggling for over a year to meet its service commitments due to the high number of buses that are waiting to get repaired. The reason? Well, a slowdown of maintenance workers. Although the STM has settled its contract with the maintenance union, workers are still slow which is causing several delays for the buses to be repaired. Just last week there was a total of 585 buses that were parked because they were waiting to be fixed. So on top of slow maintenance, adding a huge number of hybrid buses that have been recalled is definitely not helping the situation.

The STM unfortunately can’t give us an estimate of how long it will take for the hybrid buses to go back on the road. But one things for sure, it doesn’t look like it will be anytime soon from the way things are looking.