A sugar daddy can be described as “a rich older man or woman who provides money or gifts to a younger counterpart (also known as a ‘sugar baby’) in exchange for their company or sexual favors.” The trend has been associated with young, female students who need the money to fund their studies. However, it has slowly started seeping into wider society after the internet got hold of the idea and began to glamorize it. Big shocker there

This documentary tells the story of an eighteen-year-old student and the shocking and dangerous reality of being a sugar baby.

Life doesn’t always go to plan and people end up resorting to all sorts of methods to finance their lifestyles. Typically, you’d borrow money from a friend or maybe even get a loan, but some people have opted for a more questionable method. Nowadays, getting yourself a “sugar daddy” is so much easier than getting yourself a loan. No wonder it’s gaining popularity all over the world…

This is eighteen-year-old Valentina.

via BBC

She is a fashion student from the UK who currently has separate “arrangements” with seven different sugar daddies.

She’s one of the women involved in a new documentary titled Secrets of Sugar Baby Dating.


This documentary is supposed to highlight the dangers that come with this supposedly “glamorous” lifestyle.

She explained that she doesn’t get along with boys her age.

The eighteen-year-old student highlighted that she can never “level” with boys her own age as they don’t enjoy doing the things that perhaps an older generation of men might, like going out to restaurants.

“They would rather stay at home and just play Fifa.”

Sounds pretty boring.

So she ended up on a website wherein she could find herself a sugar daddy.


I mean, most people would just try dating older men, but each to their own, I guess. Valentina decided to go onto SeekingArrangement, which is apparently the biggest sugar daddy website online.

The website is aimed specifically at students.

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Shockingly, there is a section under their “Sugar Baby” tab that outlines the ways in which young students can utilize the website in order to “worry less” about their fees and bills.

They make the process seem so effortless as if it’s easy to maintain a sugar daddy/baby relationship. No wonder so many students opt for this way of living…