Well, it looks like Netflix is getting ready to start the new year fresh. They’ve done some major cleaning and it looks like there are some shows that will unfortunately not be returning in 2019. The reason behind the cancellation of so many shows? Well, it looks like they looked at their customers’ ratings and decided to cancel those that weren’t doing so well. So no time like the present to rip off the Band-Aid!

Here’s the list of shows that will not be returning to Netflix in 2019.

1. Daredevil

After 3 seasons, the movie turned into tv series will not be returning to Netflix for its fourth season. Although season 3 was really good, the ratings were just not as high to keep the show on for another season.



2. American Vandal

After two seasons, Netflix will not be renewing the show for a third season with its low ratings.



3. Luke Cage

A show that showed a lot of promise and potential, but unfortunately after two seasons, the ratings weren’t what they projected them to be. That left Netflix with the heartbreaking decision to cancel the show before it’s the third season was set to start.


4. All About the Washingtons

Looks like this comedy series never even stood a chance. With extremely low ratings before the first season even ended, it wasn’t that much of a tough call for Netflix to cancel the show after just one season.



5. Orange is the New Black

After seven wonderful seasons, this Emmy-winning show will be seeing its end. Although seven will probably still be available to stream on Netflix in 2019, it will not be coming back for the 8th season. We can hear the heartbreak from all of its fans.



6. Marvel’s Iron Fist

Although it’s a Marvel’s series, the show did not get that much love from critics or the audience. With probably one of the lowest rating for a Marvel-based series, the decision was rather easy for Netflix to cancel the show after just 2 seasons.



7. The Break With Michelle Wolf

After one season, the show will not be returning to Netflix for its second season. Doesn’t look like it will be missed that much since it didn’t get a lot of publicity.


8. Seven Seconds

Another show that showed great promise will, unfortunately, be canceled by Netflix after just one season.

9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This comedy series with up and coming to actress Ellie Kemper and created by the Queen of comedy herself Tina Fey will unfortunately not be coming back to Netflix in 2019.

10. Sense8

Although it scored pretty high on rotten tomatoes, Netflix has made the tough call to not renew it for another season. Petitions have risen high and fans have spoken to bring back the show, but Netflix has remained firm on its decision to not renew the show.