Going vegan is not only a food choice, but it’s also a lifestyle. The way you live, eat even what you put on your face. Yes, vegan makeup. There is such a thing. You would actually be surprised by the number of makeup brands that are out there who are vegan. So, before you decide to go vegan and start your vegan journey, here are some beauty brands you should know about since they will for sure come in handy:

  1. Cover FX
  2. Axiology
  3. Spectrum
  4. Kat Von D Beauty
  5. B. Beauty
  6. PHB Ethical Beauty
  7. Jeffree Star Cosmetics
  8. Anastasia Beverly Hills
  9. Hourglass
  10. Urban Decay (Owned By L’Oreal)
  11. Illamasqua
  12. Too Faced (Owned By Estee Lauder)
  13. NARS (Owned By Shiseido)
  14. Milk Makeup