March Break is just around the corner! So you’re probably super excited to get your first break since the winter holidays. We get it. Who wouldn’t be? Christmas feels like ages ago so yeah it’s been a while and this March break could not come at a better time. You can relax, unwind and forget about the pressures of school for one full week. In fact, at this point you’re probably counting the days until March break (maybe even hours). So, unless you’re lucky to be going away for Spring break somewhere hot and exotic, you’re probably trying to find out what to do and where to go. Don’t worry! We have the perfect March Break bucket list planned for you!

10 Things To Do During March Break

  1. Catch up on some sleep: sleep in!
  2. Read a book: what better time than to catch up on your reading?
  3. Hang out with your friends: enough study sessions and let loose with your friends!
  4. Go on a mini road trip: just because you can’t go down south or Europe doesn’t mean you can’t go be a tourist in a nearby town.
  5. Have a spa day: school can be stressful. Have a spa day to relax.
  6. Try a new restaurant: explore a new restaurant you haven’t been to before
  7. Do outdoor activities: spend the day ice skating or snow tubing!
  8. Go shopping: perfect time to renew your wardrobe
  9. Earn some extra cash: place an add or ask around if you know anyone that needs something you can help with so you can earn a little extra money.
  10. Netflix & Chill: because why not?