Canada, the second biggest country in the world has a lot of great things going for it. For starters, Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined. We also have the largest coastline in the world. Also, Canadians are known for being polite. Some might even say too polite. Why? Well, we are known for leaving our car doors unlocked as an escape measure for pedestrians to escape polar bear attacks. But don’t worry. That’s only in the North where polar bears are sighted. So yeah, as Canadians, we have a lot of great qualities and interesting facts to be proud of.

But, like all other countries, we have less than flattering things also. Meaning? We have some pretty weird laws. Yup. Canada has some of the weirdest laws in the world that will make you go “what?!?”. Curious as to what they are? Don’t worry! We’ve put a list together that includes some of the weirdest laws in Canada.

10 Strange Canadians Laws

  1. In Alberta, it’s illegal to set fire to the leg of a wooden-legged man
  2. It’s illegal to challenge or be challenged by someone in a duel
  3. It’s illegal to sell fake maple syrup
  4. In Sudbury, Ontario, it’s illegal to attach your siren to a bike
  5. There’s a limit to how much change you can use to make a transaction. Nothing over 5$ in nickels and 25$ in loonies
  6. In Petrolia, Ontario, it’s illegal to whistle
  7. It’s illegal for taxi drivers to wear t-shirts in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  8. Building a snow man that is higher than 30-inches in Souris, Prince Edward Island is illegal
  9. It’s illegal to paint a ladder as it can be slippery when wet
  10. In Toronto, it’s illegal to swear in a public park
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